Sexual abuse awareness Videos

educational videos to support survivors

Boys Will Be Boys: Short Film (2016) Boys Will Be Boys is a fictional story documenting and addressing the horrors of sexual abuse. Telling the story of Maggie, (Katherine Kennedy) an 18 year old victim of abuse, we watch a downfall in every aspect of her existence as it relates back to her abuse from Tom (Eric Tabach).

North East College are the winners of a film competition launched by Gillian Martin MSP to raise awareness among young people around the dangers of sending nude photos on social media. Watch Rose's story.

It starts younger than you think.
With Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I decided to jump over the hurdle of silence. Often, what we say and what we do - even the tiniest of choices - can affect a life forever. So I urge you, in whatever tragedy you may find yourself in, find your strength and please say something.