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April 24, 2019

For 20 years, Peace Over Violence has created a platform for survivors and allies to protest sexual assault. DenimDay.org will give you dates, media, and any other information needed to participate in this event. It’s important to participate in making a change and preventing sexual violence. 


Information gathered by Jessica


Supporting Survivors

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For me I think it’s important to participate so that people that fall victim to sexual assault know that there are people out there that support them. I have known many people in my life that have fallen victim to sexual assault, some by people that they don’t know and others by their own family members. I want them to know that I am here, no matter what, to support them. They should never feel like it’s their fault or that they have no one to go to. There is always someone you can go to who will support you without hesitation. Sexual assault can not be brushed off or pushed under the rug because that leaves too many victims without justice. A victim should never be blamed in this situation because consent should be obvious and not taken or assumed.

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The History of Denim Day

OneJustice is an organization that focuses on improving California’s legal aid system. On their website, OneJustice explains the importance of taking part in Denim Day. Wearing denim jeans will support the 77% of sexual assault victims who don’t speak up or have the support they need. Denim Day began in Italy in 1992, when an 18-year-old driving student was raped by her instructor. The Italian Supreme Court let the rapist go free since it ruled that the victim was wearing tight jeans, and she would have had to have helped her attacker take them off, demonstrating consent. In protest against the unjust ruling, people around the world have begun to wear denim jeans every year on the 24th of April. The organization also explains how joining the movement is not just a way to bring awareness towards sexual assault to peers, it is also a strong symbol of unanimity. By wearing jeans with a common purpose, participants are letting victims who stay quiet know that they have our support.


"Every year, hundreds of thousands of low-income Californians need legal services to stay in their homes, access health care, escape abuse, and provide for basic necessities"

One Justice seeks to support, “maintaining access to high-quality legal assistance for all California residents, regardless of their ability to pay or their geographic location."

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Denim Day in Social Media

This article talks about why Denim Day is important and how everything started. I really liked the idea they gave of writing on our jeans and wearing them on the same day to show our support. I think it’s important to participate in order to show offenders that we will not standby towards injustice. Any one would want support after experiencing such a violation. It’s important to show people that you’re there. 

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