Our Mission

The conversation must be had. The need is clear; the pain that sexual assault causes lasts a lifetime. As a society we continue to expect the survivors to treat themselves - to be responsible for the prevention and the cure. We know that this is not only impossible, but immoral.

We want to partner with Educare who is currently sponsoring a Men’s Group on campus to ensure that healthy dialogue between young men and women on our campus is a priority. Our hope is to extend the program beyond the ArTES community by including the other three schools located on our campus. In time we hope that this will become a campus-wide support system. We also want to start reaching out to the local middle schools in order to engage younger kids in respectful conversations about how to empower themselves and each other. This website will allow us to work with teachers to design curriculum for homeroom classes, and by setting up a Youtube channel that is specific to addressing the causes and consequences of sexual assault for teens, especially those in the Latino community.

In addition to connecting our school communities with advocacy organizations, we also want to learn how to best advocate for change towards our leaders.  We will focus on tracking and following legislation related to sexual assault and mental health services and work to make our concerns and experiences known to our leaders.